CBD 101: Not All CBD is Created Equally

I recently started using Pavate CBD 1000 mg tinctures. I don’t understand why their medical-grade products are so much better, but I find they are.

Mila Brastla
St. Louis, MO

We get that a lot. At Pavate, we believe you deserve the best — which is why we’ve introduced a whole new level of precision into the CBD industry.

But we also get that just talking about premium products is different than actually providing them to people. That’s why this blog will take a look at several critical areas that can either make or break a CBD company. Along the way, you’ll learn exactly why some CBD products are better than others. Let’s get started!

The Testing Process

Good CBD begins with good hemp…and good hemp begins with good soil. Did you know hemp is an accumulator plant, meaning it binds to certain toxins present in its growing environment? Good soil is paramount.

That’s why we test our products multiple times throughout the entire manufacture process — beginning with soil testing, of course! Our growing facilities are also verifiably organic and USDA approved. 

To carry out all this testing we use SC Labs, an independent ISO-certified laboratory that specifically tests for THC, contaminants, heavy metals, etc. All our test results are available on our website, batch by batch.

The Extraction Process

CBD oil can be extracted from hemp many different ways — and some are better than others. Some methods are effective but leave trace solvents behind; others are pure but ineffective at really getting everything out of hemp.

One type of extraction called CO2 extraction might just present the best of both worlds. CO2 is safe and effective, and it doesn’t involve any harmful chemicals.

Because of these benefits, CO2 extraction is the method we use. Once extracted, we further refine our CBD-rich oil with a second distillation process that entirely removes its THC.

The Carrier Oil

Virtually all CBD products on the market today are diluted with a carrier oil. This is actually a good thing, as carrier oils give products the right consistency.

But not even all carrier oils are created equal. A comprehensive lab analysis of 14 different CBD oils found that only ones infused with something called MCT oil stayed fully shelf-stable. “This kind of matrix is less susceptible to oxidative degradation than the olive or hemp seed oils,” researchers said, making MCT oil the best carrier oil for ensuring a product’s freshness and shelf life.

At Pavate, we’re firm believers in what the research says. So it’s only natural that we’d use just enough organic MCT oil to make our CBD oils smooth and easy to ingest!

The Motive

The CBD industry is still a fairly unregulated space, which makes a company’s motives highly important. Companies who aren’t transparent with their motives might have other things on their minds — like maximizing profit margins. So look for companies that have a clear “About” section and a clear vision to help people. 

Granted, profitability is important to any business. But at Pavate it’s far from our lifeblood. We come from military families, and we got our start making affordable, high quality CBD oils specifically for Veterans in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Veterans remain close to our hearts today; they always will. Our mission to serve those who served us inspires us to provide the best CBD products possible!

The Team

And to do that, we needed to form the best possible team. Not every CBD company has a team of scientists behind it…in fact, most companies don’t.

But to make truly medicinal-grade CBD, a different type of approach is needed. That’s why Pavate’s team features geneticists, agriculture and biochemical engineers, and horticultural Ph.D.’s. Our backgrounds are diverse, but our mission is singular: to advanced research by providing truly medicinal-grade CBD to as many people as possible.

We further partner with research facilities around the US to learn more about CBD and the amazing plant from which it comes. Why focus so heavily on research? Because In light of how many people CBD has the potential to help…only continual forward progress is enough.

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