Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our products and CBD in general.

CBD Basics

CBD (cannabidiol) is the primary active ingredient in the hemp plant. It’s a naturally occurring substance that, amazingly enough, is good for both the plant’s metabolic health and the overall health and wellness of us humans.

Chemically speaking, CBD is a type of molecule classified as a cannabinoid. Premium hemp can contain up to ~100 different cannabinoids, though CBD is the most prevalent one by far. CBD was discovered in 1940 and fully elucidated in 1963, and it continues to impress leading researchers today!

Many customers notice built-up stress and tension dissolve. Relief from things like chronic pain, inflammation, and sleep problems is also documented. Just keep in mind that the way CBD works means it has different effects on different people.

Optimal CBD dosing is highly individualized and likely dependent on many factors, including a person’s age, weight, health status, and baseline endocannabinoid tone. That said, we encourage new users to begin by taking 5-10 milligrams of CBD twice per day. Dosage can be slowly increased every few days until tangible improvements are seen.

When taken consistently, CBD may strengthen our body’s internal balance by activating something called the endocannabinoid system. And that’s not all. Research shows CBD may target more than 20 different types of receptors. In that regard, CBD is considered holistic.

Pavate Products
Our CBD tincture oils are pure medical-grade cannabidiol. Since the consistency in its pure form is similar to very thick honey, we add a small amount of organic MCT oil to make it smooth and easy to ingest. Refer to Gummies and Pet Chews for their ingredients.

We design all our products around what the research is saying. And the latest research affirms that simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication — so you won’t find any flashy ingredients or unproven additives here!

Our CBD oils, for example, contain just two research-backed products: organic hemp extract (yielding the CBD) and organic MCT oil. Research shows MCT oil is the best carrier oil because it avoids chemical degradation, so that’s what we use.

Some people need more CBD than others. Thankfully, the research is clear that even higher doses of CBD can be well-tolerated but always check with your doctor, as everyone’s situation is different. If you need a stronger product, consider our new Black Label line.

It’s a new line of extremely pure, extremely potent products designed for those who need maximum relief. The line even includes a 3,000mg CBD Oil — that’s 100mg per one-dropper serving!

Pavate’s gummies are great tasting.

Pavate’s Calming Pet Chews are 100% organic, great tasting pet treats with medical-grade CBD.

Additional Information

We come from military families, so we’ve seen firsthand the stress and trauma that military service can cause.

Initially we focused on making premium-yet-affordable CBD oils for Veterans in the San Francisco/Bay Area. But soon so many Veterans were using our products that we were contacted by the VA | U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and asked to begin production on a much larger scale.

To produce a truly superlative product, though, we had to develop a truly superlative team. We enlisted the help of agricultural engineers, horticultural Ph.D.’s, Swiss biochemical engineers, and Israeli geneticists. Along the way we were able to pioneer USDA-approved organic growing techniques and a track-and-trace supply line system.

From there research began. The VA and several leading universities started researching the effects of our medical-grade CBD on various patient groups. 1,000,000 + bottles of CBD oil later, the results were amazing…and then we had a thought. Why not make medical-grade CBD available to everyone?

Everyone could use a little stress relief in their lives, after all. So we expanded Pavate and began providing our CBD to the public. Now, for the first time ever, everyone can have access to medical-grade CBD.

And if you’re like many of our patients and customers…you have all sorts of questions and want to learn more. A few of our most commonly asked questions are below.

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