CBD vs. Epilepsy

*** This blog post is unique — and a little different than most of our other blogs. It’s based on an especially touching part of the new documentary CBDNation and covers the story of Jayden David, a five-year-old boy whose struggle against epilepsy helped spark the entire CBD movement. Most of the content and quotes […]

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CBD for Pain Management

CBD offers a truly unique wholeapproach to pain management. By attacking chronic pain from various angles, CBD is able to gently reduce symptoms with a minimum of side effects. Remember that there are two simple aspects to chronic pain: chronic inflammation and nociception, or nerve pain. CBD seems to address both of them amazingly well

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CBD vs. Opioids

CBD, CBD, CBD. Is there anything the plant compound doesn’t do? Actually… yes, there is. CBD doesn’t cause severe side effects. It c an’t be overdosed on, either, and it’s not addictive. And these many negatives make CBD a seemingly ideal replacement for opioids. Here’s an in-depth look at what you need to know. The

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Coping in a COVID World: CBD & Anxiety

Let’s face it: the coronavirus can be intimidating. For those with pre-existing anxiety or depression, all this fear gets even worse! Consider chilling out with medical-grade CBD. Research indicates it may calm down overactive stress hormones. And that means a happier, healthier you. If you’re anything like us, your pets are your family. Did you

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